These are by no means official definitions and are meant as a general guide to help communication regarding various book repair needs.

  • TEXTBLOCK: The inside portion of the book, which is made of pages, sewn, glued, or otherwise attached together.
  • CASE: The cover of the book, keeping the textblock safer from wear and tear.
  • SPINE: The back of the case, where the title can be seen when the book is shelved.
  • BOARD: The front and back board help to make up the cover of the book. These boards are usually covered with cloth, leather, or another material.
  • JOINT: This groove acts as a hinge and is created between the board and spine of the bound book.
  • HEAD: The top of the book.
  • TAIL: The bottom of the book.
  • FOREDGE: The front of the book, opposite of the spine.
  • ENDSHEETS: This (usually) single sheet of paper is attached to the inside of the cover and goes across the textblock, in both in the front and back of a bound book.
  • PASTEDOWN: A portion of the endsheet, which is attached (or pasted) to the inside of the front and back cover.
  • FLYLEAF: A portion of the endsheet, which is loose (or flying) in front of the textblock in both the front and back of the book.
  • HEADBAND: The decorative piece of cloth or sewing is located at the head and tail of the book and serves to help protect the textblock.