Pricing & Services

Includes books up to 9” on the longest side and less then 1.5” thick. 

The following is meant as a guide to help get a general idea for repair costs. Sending photographs will allow me to narrow these costs down further. To get an accurate assessment of repair work I will need to see the book in person.

General Cloth Cover Repairs:

  • REBACK (replacing a broken spine): $55
  • RECASE (reattaching a textblock that has come out of it’s existing case): $35
  • NEW CASE (replace existing with new cover, includes new endsheets): $75

Leather Cover Repairs:

  • BOARD TACKING (attach a detached cover board): $65
  • REPAIR BROKEN SPINE (use colored mending tissue to hold breaks): $45
  • CONSOLIDATION (apply chemical to help solidify and stabilize leather): $20

Additional Work

A combination of the following may be needed in addition to cover repair.

  • ENDSHEETS (replace existing endsheet with new): $10
  • TORN ENDSHEETS (reinforce with Japanese tissue along gutter): $15
  • SEWING (tighten or replace sewing): $45 and up
  • GUARDING (reinforcing pages where the sewing has pulled through): $5 / page (discount for multiple pages)
  • PAGE MENDS (reattaching tears, covering tears with Japanese tissues/papers, filling where missing paper: $5+ / per incident


  • COUNTERSINKING new spine material under existing cover (this leaves the cover flush): $25 
See photo examples showing with and without countersinking under the "Definitions" page.


  • TUXEDO BOX (a lightweight, custom made four flap enclosure): $35 and up
  • DROP SPINE BOX (a sturdy custom made cloth covered clamshell style box): quote

There are many other forms of repairs and housings possible. Once I have seen the item I will be better equipped to offer other suggestions and potential courses of action.



When shipping to me please wrap any materials tightly in paper and surrounded them with packing materials. A book that shifts while in transit can be further damaged.

If after receiving the repair estimate you decide not to have the work done I will ship the item back to you without charge.


I take checks, money orders, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.



Once I have seen the books in person I will submit a work bid. I will let you know if there is an existing queue of books and how long it will take for your books to be next for repair. At that point turn around time should be less then two weeks. It is possible to request a faster turn around time for an increased fee.