Repair Photographs

This French Dictionary had been held together with three layers of various kinds of tape. Although I was able to remove the tape it left a stain so I created a new cloth cover with a paper lable.

The following 6 books are part of a childrens series. The client wanted the books she read and enjoyed as a child repaired to give as a gift to her neice. I created new spines and attached the original paper spines over the new cloth.

This large Bible has wooden boards covered in leather with the pages (sigatures) sewn onto a cord that is then laced into the boards. I enjoyed putting this one back together again including multiple page mends and page fills.

The following shows the process of a page fill:

This set of 12 books had been stored in a garage and bugs ate bindings (and the edges of the textblocks). The client wanted to keep the front cover foil stamped medallions and so I made each book a recess to hold this part of the original cover.

A small well loved prayer book. This one was in many pieces and included mending, sewing, and a new cover.

These book had been repaired once before. The client wanted this set to be not only sturdy but also look more like the law reference books they were.

This book came to me without the back cover and consequently the back pastedown image. I copied the front flyleaf image to use as the back pastedown once the book was cased (attached) back into the newly whole cover.

The top of this spine (head) disintigrated over time including the leather and the protective end band. Tinted mending tissue and a new end band created not only a clean look but also a stronger book. 

This well loved cookbook was handed down from mother to daughter and had become fragile from use. Over the years a bit of the cooking ingrediants were transfered to the cover. Some cleaning, a new spine lining, a page mend, re-building the cover, and re-casing the book allowed it to go back to work in the kitchen once again.


  page mend


This heirloom book was given a light cleaning, the covers were re-attached and re-inforced, the breaks on the covers were repaired with a tinted mending tissue, and then the book was housed in a drop spine box.

Bible Before and After

Bible Details

Book pages may have shifted or are no longer attached causing tears and folds. In this case thin mending tissue was used to reinforce the frayed edges and re-attach torn sections.

Page Mends

The same book also had the spine tear off. Here are the before and after photos.

Spine repair

Spine repairs are the most common book injuries. The tear usually starts at the join and travels down along the spine. This separates the back of the book from the cover.

Although this cookbook can be purchased new, this client wanted to continue using this particular copy because the recipe variations written in the margins were priceless.

spine repair


Sometimes a page tear turns into a missing section of page. These can be repaired by adding in new paper and adhering it with mending tissue on both sides of the page.

This art book was in use in a children's classroom. Sometimes a repair is less expensive than replacing the book.

page fill